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The following are excerpts from Fatemeh Hosseini's proposal:

I am Fatemeh Hosseini, a female Iranian visual artist residing in United States with more than 18 years of project-based art experience. I received my BFA and MFA in Painting from the University of Tehran and Alzahra University in Iran and my MA in Motion Graphics from the Savannah College of Art and Design. My work in the field of visual arts endeavors to explore memories as subjective spiritual components that are part of everyone's consciousness.

As a female visual artist coming from Iran, a country which for 44 years has undergone a severe political upheaval under the Islamic Republic Regime, I'm affected by the sudden unwanted changes amid immigration and have felt a strong need to support the "Woman, Life, Freedom" revolution happening in my country.

It's very difficult to condense the experience of my life during challenging times – before and after immigrating to the United States. But leaving my home country with all the memories and moments that shaped who I am today and walking into the great unknown, all for an everlasting desire to pursue art in freedom has been an intense experience.

For the "Living the Unknown" exhibition, I will create a series of inter-connected
paintings and a video art installation. My work will be accompanied by two other Iranian female artists living within the US, with emphasis on our shared history of political repression before immigration and life experience as an immigrant.

There is currently no funding for the following necessary items: art tools such as canvas and paints for creating the collection of paintings, shipment of artwork to exhibition destination. This fund will provide financial support to pay for a portion of the expenses.

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There is no specific type of artist that we focus on or primarily support. Creative expression comes in a wide variety of artistic disciplines and genres. We are looking for passion and excellence in your craft. Tell us why your work is important to you and how you hope it will impact others. 
Where Eagles Soar (Isaiah 40:31)
Website: fatemehosseini.com/painting 
Photo Copyright © Fatemeh Hosseini

Integrity: Arts & Culture Association is honored to approve Hosseini's funding request and we wish her continued success in her endeavors.
"Mother" is a painting collection that features a series of paintings depicting mother's concern for her child, their future, their safety, and their overall wellbeing. The mixed media technique in expressive style supported by broad powerful brush strokes is the best fit to illustrate the strong sense of safeguard provided by a mother to protect her child.